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Organically Grown Crops vs. Genetically Modified Crops


September 2001
The debate over the safety of consuming food made from genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) has escalated and many consumers are now turning to food which is labeled "organically grown". Consumers fear the uncertainty regarding the lack of long term studies which support these GMO’s.

Techniques aimed at crop improvement have been utilized for centuries. Today, applied plant science has three overall goals: increased crop yield, improved crop quality, and reduced production costs. Biotechnology is proving its value in meeting these goals.

In one active area of plant research, scientists are exploring ways to use genetic modification to confer desirable characteristics on food crops. Similarly, agronomists are looking for ways to harden plants against adverse environmental conditions such as soil salinity, drought, alkaline earth metals, and anaerobic (lacking air) soil conditions. Genetic engineering methods are also being used to improve fruit and vegetable crop characteristics - such as taste, texture, size, colour, acidity or sweetness, and ripening process.

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