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Horizons | Grade 10

This text for grade 10, the third in Prentice Hall Ginn's three-text continuum for Socials 8, 9 and 10 in British Columbia, examines the development of Canada from 1815 to the beginning of World War One. How was Canada created? What forces helped shape its development? How did federal politics affect western expansion and the western economy? How did Canada's geography affect the opening of the West? These are just some of the questions addressed in this comprehensive Grade 10 text.

Many Features that Teachers Admired About the Previous Two Texts are Back:

  • "Window on the Past" Ð an inviting chapter opener that immerses the student in the time period of the chapter
  • "Cross Currents" Ð a feature that helps students connect their studies to present-day issues and conflicts
  • A variety of primary source documents; and many opportunities for analyzing primary source documents and applying critical thinking skills

New to Grade 10:

  • "Apply Your Knowledge" will focus on skill development appropriate to the Grade 10 level, including geography skills specified in the Environment curriculum organizer

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Colonies in the Wilderness, 1815-1840
Chapter 2: Building a Nation, 1840-1867
Chapter 3: Geography of Western Canada
Chapter 4: The Prairies to 1870
Chapter 5: The Prairies, 1871-1896
Chapter 6: British Columbia to 1896
Chapter 7: The Emergence of Modern Canada, 1896 to 1914
Chapter 8: The Economy of Canada
Chapter 9: The Economy of British Columbia
Chapter 10: Canada and the Global Community

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