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The Power of Superfoods
Sam Graci

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Last fall, nutritional expert Sam Graci wowed Canadians with his important and life-changing strategy for achieving optimum health. The Power of Superfoods is back, in a softcover edition, to explain this revolutionary message.

When we consume "Superfoods," our body chemistry remains alkaline, reducing the stress and resulting wear on our bodies. Superfoods are life-giving energy sources which help our bodies run at maximum efficiency. They are the key to longevity and prosperity. In this revolutionary book, Sam Graci shares his innovative formula for taking charge of our health.

In The Power of Superfoods you'll learn:

  • the 20 key steps to living longer and healthier
  • about 12 food groups that offer beneficial antioxidants
  • how to vary your diet to achieve exceptional health
  • the positive benefits of an "alkaline body" and how to achieve it
  • advice on how to be lean forever by eating Superfoods
  • how to dramatically improve your physical and spiritual fitness
  • the amazing benefits of water and "green drinks"
  • how to prepare over 50 Superfood recipes.

Achieve and maintain a higher level of daily energy, improve your sleep patterns, better the appearance of your skin and hair - all by following Sam Graci's tried and true nutritional guidance.

Featuring a guest chapter from world-renowned health guru Harvey Diamond (bestselling co-author of Fit For Life), The Power of Superfoods explains a simple, yet extraordinary nutritional plan that will make your life everything it can, and should, be.

About the Authors:
Sam Graci is a Canadian nutritional researcher and adolescent psychologist who writes and lectures on retarding the aging process with Superfoods. He is the founder and president of Graci Research Ltd., a company dedicated to nutritional research and development. As a result of his work, Sam invented "Greens+", a food concentrate powder comprised of 28 synergistic foods designed to supplement a healthy diet. Born in Hamilton, Ontario, he now lives on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia.

Title: The Power of Superfoods
ISBN: 0-13-021223-7
Copyright:  1999
Pages: 304
Book Type: paper
Format: 5-7/8 x 9
Price: $21.95
Subject(s):  Health, Nutrition