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Reducing Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere


September 2001

In July, 2001, delegates from 178 countries meeting in Bonn finally reached an agreement on measures that would be taken to ensure that the 1997 Kyoto Protocol against global warming goes into effect. In this agreement, a number of countries, including Canada, may not have to cut back on their industrial pollution as much, since they are allowed to count their large amount of forests as carbon "sinks" that are capable of absorbing carbon dioxide.

Some experts claim that carbon dioxide levels are very important to climate changes and that carbon dioxide plays a major role in global warming. As a result, numerous approaches have been proposed to lower levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide. These methods include pumping the gas into the Norwegian sea, or into porous rock in Australia. None of the methods suggested are entirely practical and also do not consider the fact that carbon dioxide is only one of a number of greenhouse gases.


Kyoto agreement
greenhouse effect larger than expected
Norwegian Sea as storage site for carbon dioxide
pumping greenhouse gases underground
storm surges and ocean warming
reduction of greenhouse gases
nitrous oxides in the atmosphere
sulphates and nitrogen oxides
NASA site for global climate change
global warming and clean cars
limiting CO2 emissions
reducing emissions
Environment Canada site on air-contains info about pollution etc.
billing according to the amount of greenhouse gases produced

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Scientists say carbon dioxide emissions pose a great threat to the environment. Story at CNN

Kyoto climate

ABC environment reporter Alan Tate was in Kyoto. He filed these daily reports during the conference in 1997




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